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  • Pregnancy Testing

    • Have you missed a period? Are you having pregnancy symptoms? There are millions of women who face unplanned pregnancies each year. Choices Clinic of Laurel offers FREE lab-quality pregnancy testing.

      Once you receive your test result, a nurse or client advocate will be available to discuss your pregnancy options, sexual health risks including STD/STI education, and future pregnancy prevention. Choices Clinic provides education on different types of birth control but does not provide birth control prescriptions.

      We encourage you to bring your partner with you to your pregnancy test appointment. We have client advocates available to meet with your partner about pregnancy options as well. We will not give your partner your pregnancy test results.  However, if requested, we will allow your partner to sit in with you during a portion of your appointment and you may share your results at that time.

  • Abortion Education

    • When facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s common to feel scared and confused. If you are considering abortion, Choices Clinic offers abortion education to help you make an informed choice. Upon receiving a FREE ultrasound, we can better educate you on what abortion methods you would be facing. Make an appointment today to speak to a nurse or client advocate about your options. Click HERE to learn more about Abortion.

  • Limited Ultrasound

    • If you have a positive pregnancy test at Choices Clinic and you have not yet been seen by a physician for this pregnancy, you may qualify for a FREE limited ultrasound. An ultrasound is very important if you are considering abortion, to verify an intrauterine pregnancy.

  • STI/STD Testing & Education

    • Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections is important if you are considering abortion, have multiple sex partners, have a new sex partner, and/or have had known exposure to an STI.

      Did you know that many STI/STDs are transmitted and active without any symptoms?¹ At Choices Clinic, you can get tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia with a simple urine sample. Although the service of the testing is FREE, a lab fee may apply. We also offer FREE treatment if you are positive for one or both of these STIs.

  • Group Classes

    • Currently, we are holding multiple group classes for female clients. Once you become a client at Choices Clinic of Laurel, you are eligible to join our group classes and receive credit for our material assistance program.  The more classes you attend, the more credit you earn to be able to shop at our Blessing Center.

  • Male Mentoring

    • Choices Clinic offers mentoring for expectant fathers and education on pregnancy options. We encourage men to be involved in the decision-making process. We currently do not offer group classes for men but are hoping launch a fatherhood class in early 2017.




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