Adoption Laurel, Mississippi

Pregnant and not sure what to do? Learn why some women consider adoption. Choices Clinic of Laurel provides information on all of your pregnancy options and a free consultation to help you learn more about what to expect. Get answers to your questions about the adoption process in Laurel, Mississippi.


We’re here to help you explore all your pregnancy options, including the choices adoption has to offer. We provide free information about the process for birth mothers and referrals to agencies that best meet your needs.

There is plenty of time to consider whether adoption is the right parenting choice for your child, what type of family you want to place your child with, and how much ongoing contact you want with him or her.

You have the right to understand how adoption could affect you and and to receive support, including counseling, during and after your pregnancy.

We can help you consider the facts, as you decide if it may be a fit for your situation. Start a conversation by giving us a call and and schedule a confidential appointment with one of our client advocates. You are not alone. We’re here for you. We are not connected or affiliated with any adoption agency and never profit from your decision.

You have choices. Call today.