Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Choices Clinic Interest Survey (Please mark areas that interest you)

-Pregnancy Counseling/ Options Counseling (Abortion, -Adoption, Parenting)
-Post-Abortion Counseling
-Abstinence Counseling
-Spiritual Counseling
-STD counseling/education

-Answering the Phone
-General Clerical
-Data Entry

-Pregnancy Tests
-STD Testing Specimen Collection (urine)
-Medical follow-up calls
-Assisting staff nurses as needed
-Education regarding sexual health including pregnancy, -STDs, abortion, etc.

-Intercessory Prayer
-Church Liaison- Represent Choices Clinic ministry to your local church body for special events, needs, or concerns
-Group Class Instructor
-Sexual Education classes in schools
-Child Care
-Baby Store
-Website/Social Media